Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week in the Life|Picture My Life|Thursday Photos & Words

Today was a dark, dreary day. My photo taking is starting to decrease - as you'll see in my photo count…it's so hard for me to stay focused on the task after the halfway point. And to find something new to photo graph at this point in the week. I guess it reflects my feelings by Thursdays; just trying to power thru & hang on till the weekend!? The vibrant color of the trees is what's still jumping out at me. Trying to notice the little things. 

 I thought I'd share a little more detail of our 12x12 Memory Protectors; they come in several different configurations - check out the variety pack to try them all. They make it extremely quick & easy to load your 4x6 or 2x3 photos & cards. 

And starting this month, you can order our new Ala Carte Picture My Life sets - they contain just the cards (44 – 4" × 6" & 78 – 3" × 4" sizes), without Memory Protectors. So if you have plenty of pages to fill, you can simply order the cards at a great low price!

21 photos with my iPhone 5

8:36am Colorful

8:54am She didn't want me to take her photo…but I got her!

9:07am Coffee treat - and promptly spilled it on my self

 9:52am Puppy fix

1:10pm Lunch & still raining

1:42pm Realized I haven't drank any water today
4:24pm My current project board
5:50pm Raining even harder on my way home

6:12pm Home sweet home - love this greeting

8:33pm Detox foot soak
10:50pm Essential Oils before lights out

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