Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the Life|Picture My Life|Monday Photos & Words

This is my 2nd year participating in WITL. Last year I felt I failed miserably; by mid week I had stopped journaling/documenting & I found it extremely difficult to find things to photograph as the week went on (not having children makes the days seem pretty uneventful). But I did print a few dozen photos & put them together in Memory protectors using Picture My Life products -- they have yet to be put into an album, but I'm formulating a plan. I also discovered that I'm HORRIBLE at taking selfies. And, in general, just don't like taking photos of myself. But it was a start.

This year, my goal is to take the "required" daily photo of myself. I'm still not good at selfies, but with the new camera timer on the new iOS (thanks Ali, I downloaded it last night!) it's getting easier. I love the whole concept of this week; capturing reality, instead of what you think your life should be or what you want others to think your life is. If you're new to WITL, check out Ali's blog

38 photos with my iPhone 5

8:16am This is where I find her most mornings 
7:55am Notice I need a pedi

8:21am My new favorite feature (heated seats)
8:41am Morning commute

8:44am Beautiful fall colors

8:53am Where I spend 24 hours/week
9:23am Breakfast;
wheat free, dairy free, egg free...

5:04pm Singing to Sweet Baby James
 on my way home

5:33pm Gas hasn't been this price in almost 4 years
5:38pm Love my fuel discount!
5:45pm Almost home

5:46pm This little face is always waiting for me 

7:16pm A little craft time
Getting creative 

My craft room is my sanctuary...

...and my therapy

8:02pm A little DWT
8:43pm Writing out Halloween cards
 during the commercials 

9:20pm Bedtime routine

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