Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the Life|Picture My Life|Tuesday Photos & Words

Day 2 - Another of my goals this year is to post my daily photos & words on my blog. This takes significantly more energy than I usually have at the end of the day…but I'm committed to doing it. I was really encouraged by Ali's response to my Facebook post yesterday -- "You can do it!" Thanks for the support :) I'm also playing around with the formatting, would love to hear your feedback.

Here's what my typical Tuesday looked like.

21 photos with my iPhone 5

8:07am Hate saying goodbye to this sweetie

8:26am A rainy, gloomy drive into work this morning 

 8:45am Waiting for my carpool partner, so I don't have to pay $10/day to park

 10:13am My standing workstation saves my neck & shoulders on stressful days

10:38am Trying a new tea

1:07pm Spent my lunch hour in a Retirement Planning session…ugh...

1:34pm Still standing - it's going to be a long afternoon

9:11pm Home late & no dinner planned so we ended up getting carry out; which I didn't get a photo of. Heading downstairs after spending 1/2 hour uploading Monday's photos. Computer is still on, but I'm tired & ready to stretch out

9:26pm Relaxing with my Love

10:12pm Nightly ritual; Cheyenne gets a treat after getting her eye drops

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